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The Music of Ukraine

The music of Ukraine has a mix of exotic singing melismatic style with chordal harmony. The Pop genre has also been part of the music of this country. The group Nu Virgos is a great example of a Pop music group from this country. (Nu Virgos) music on the World Wide Web or at a local music shop. For more information about the music of Ukraine click here...

Earth Music

Earth music, more commonly known as world music, refers specifically to a musical genres such as traditional or folk music, played by native musicians. Even though there are many earth music hybrids such as world fusion, global fusion, ethnic fusion and worldbeat, in its purest form earth music should designate music styles like Japanese koto, Indian raga, Tibetan chants, Eastern European folk music, and others. Here at you can discover more about earth music, but since this term can also be construed as generally referencing all the music in the world, you can find information on other musical genres as well.

For instance, there is everyone's favorite, good ol' fashioned rock and roll. Though this genre had its origins in 1940's R&B, folk, blues and country music, it may be safely said that it was officially born in the 50's and 60's with Elvis Presley and the Beatles. Ever since then, it has spawned countless sub-genres, blurring the line between itself and other music styles, including but not limited to earth music. This was the case of a band like Nirvana which started as an alternative grunge act, but when everyone started listening to their 'Smells like Teen Spirit', that song at least became a pop hit.

However, in order to find the true origins of the most rocking music, one needs to go all the way back to classical music. All the grandiosity of Tchaikovsky is also in Queen, all the power of Wagner can be found in The Who as well. While there is the common conception that this kind of music is not accessible, the fact that so many compositions are still played hundreds of years after they were written is a testament to the timelessness and popularity of it.

Many classical composers devoted much time to writing operas. In this genre, the music would accompany the singing of arias by performers on stage. This could be likened to the more modern musical films, except that in musicals the songs are used to advance the plot, whereas in opera the entire dialogue (or libretto) is sung. Some of the finer examples of this art include Le Nozze di Figaro, Don Giovanni, and Die Zauberflöte by Mozart; William Tell (with its famous overture) by Gioachino Rossini; La bohème, Tosca, Madama Butterfly, and Turandot by Puccini; and Rigoletto by Verdi.

All in all, just like no man is an island, we at feel that most genres can be experimented with and mixed with others to produce new sounds. That is how we have jazz funk, acid jazz, tech house, bachatango, ska punk, folk metal, country soul and many more. Earth music, being more primordial than most genres, may lend itself more to fuse and evolve.

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